A child’s take on academia

Last night, I had a conversation with my seven-year-old about peer review. It went like this:

Child: What did you do today, mum?

Me: Well, I got some feedback on a paper I wrote. They liked it!

Child: A paper? How many questions did you have?

Me: Uhhh… None.

Father: It’s like a big write. Have you done those at school?

Child: Oh! Yes. So what’s feedback?

Me: Well, comments on what I wrote.

Child: Ticks and crosses?

Me: Well, sort of like that, yes.

Child: Oh. So how many ticks did you get?

Me: Um, well, none really. But they did say they liked it.

Child: Did you get any crosses?

Me: Um, well, I got some comments on things I need to do better.

Child: Are they like crosses?

Me: Well, yes, I suppose they are.

Child: *wide eyed* How many crosses did you get?

Me: Well, uh, at least 20, I suppose.

Child: *looks horrified* Oh. Well… Never mind, mum.


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2 Responses to A child’s take on academia

  1. my word (s) says:

    Great post; how children can put things into perspective, eh? It also shows us how children get to see the world of learning – it’s more about ticks and crosses than about ‘feedback’?

  2. ridgeway307 says:

    Life is so much clearer, and transparent, through the eyes of a child. We all need to remember this . Barbara

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