Blogger’s Block

I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to write a blog entry over the past few months. Since August, I’ve been writing, writing, writing – chapters, journal articles, abstracts and presentations. Adding another writing job to that list has not been a very appealing thought. It’s been so long since I last posted that WordPress have only gone and changed the bloody posting format again and I am back to being a completely clueless novice.

But today I finally found myself at a hiatus, with about an hour to kill, and I thought ‘Aha! I will write that blog post. With all these things I’ve been working on over the past few months, I must have loads to write about. Here goes…’

Document 1.

Blinking cursor.


No inspiration.

No thought-provoking, interesting, anecdotal nuggets to share with the world. None at all… How can this be?

But wait, my chronically forward-thinking past self has been making a list of potential blog topics for just this very moment.

But nothing on this list appealed. Top tips for the self-reflexive researcher? Boooooring! Using NVivo? Done to death. My thoughts on researching Mumsnet? Ugh. I couldn’t summon the enthusiasm to write about any of these things.

So, in despair, as in all times of desperation, I turned to Google. Ah, Google, my faithful friend. You seem to have an answer for almost every problem I can conceive. Can’t find my car keys? Google! Lost the page reference for an important quote? Google! Child refusing to eat, drink or sleep? Google knows what to do! And sure enough, Google did not let me down. I searched using the terms that seemed to most accurately sum up my predicament: ‘bloggers block’. And sure enough, this is a thing! I felt immediately vindicated. What I have is an actual real problem! Lots of good people get bloggers block! I am totally normal and should not immediately delete my blog in a frustrated rage.

I clicked on the first link (, if you’re interested), but I didn’t need to read it. Of course, I will just write about my experience of having bloggers block!

So there you have it.

Today I had bloggers block.

And that’s all she wrote.


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5 Responses to Blogger’s Block

  1. violawiegand says:

    I can totally relate to this. Seems you found a good way to ‘battle’ it then! [I did that this morning by going to the gym after months and months. Didn’t stay long but at least I went – and on a Monday!] Now I should also get a blog post done. [But I also have so many other writing tasks on my plate -_-]

    • jaimack says:

      Good to know I’m not alone! My ‘solution’ felt a bit like a cheat to be honest… I can’t write about not being able to think of anything to write twice!!

      • violawiegand says:

        as long as it helps you to start writing 🙂 I’ve been reading a lot of writing advice recently and they always say ‘just start. write down what you are thinking about.’

  2. ridgeway307 says:

    You have made me feel a lot better because although I have been blogging on average about 4 times a week sometimes I, too, have Bloggers Block. Today the debate is about whether it is Iona or St Agnes and whether I can remember anything interesting enough to write. The temptation is to peek further down the tea towel pile to see if there is something more interesting but that isn’t being true to myself. I will still be faced with Iona and St Agnes in the future. But knowing I have Bloggers Block I can go and watch Sunshine Over Leith again and wait for the inspiration, knowing I am not being lazy and that even young people doing PhDs get Bloggers Block.

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