Hi, I’m Jai, and I’m a Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham. My research focuses on language, gender and sexuality, digital communication and family diversity. To date, my work has addressed the following key themes and questions:

Motherhood Online – How do people navigate ‘common sense’ assumptions about gender and parenthood online? My book Language, Gender and Parenthood Online focuses on the popular parenting forum Mumsnet, and this special issue brings together current discourse analytical work in this area.

Diverse Families – What challenges face parents who don’t fit the nuclear family ideal? What role can digital media play in addressing them? I’m currently working on the Marginalised Families Online project, which explores these issues in relation to the experiences of LGBT, single, and adoptive parents. In this film, some of those parents share their stories.

Gender and Childhood – How do children learn about their place in society (especially gendered roles) through toys, games and other artefacts? Together with my colleagues, I have written a chapter about gender roles in LEGO collectible cards in this book.

You can find my university profile here, my publications here and read my latest blog post here.

Contact: jai.mackenzie@nottingham.ac.uk

Twitter: @JaiMackenzie